January 19, 9 AM, 5500 block of North Sheridan. Confidence game. Seven-foot man told other man on street that he was basketball player for Phoenix Suns. He claimed that he’d been robbed and needed money to get back to Arizona. He promised to send victim $500 and pair of gym shoes once he returned to Phoenix. Victim gave man $39 and went home to Lake Forest, where he realized Suns have no player with offender’s name.

January 23, 7 AM, 5800 block of North Rockwell. Burglary. Woman called police to report that same offender had entered her apartment several times, stolen her books, scratched her face, bombarded her with electronic devices, and set her hair in “up-do fashion.”

January 24, 3:30 AM, 5900 block of North Paulina. Damage to property–fire. Police and fire department arrived in alley to find car in flames with engine running. Man was in driver’s seat, slumped over steering wheel. Police extracted man, who told them he’d been tired and had fallen asleep while waiting for parking.

January 26, 1:50 AM, 900 block of East 48th Street. Burglary. Officers spotted woman pulling snowblower down street. She said that she intended to make money by clearing snow in morning and that blower was gift from father. One officer followed tracks in snow while other officer stayed with woman. Tracks led to garage that had been recently broken into. Woman was arrested.

–Neal Pollack