June 14, 1 PM, 3400 block of North Southport. Assault. Landlord raised rent of laundromat operator, who refused terms. Landlord told operator he had to move out. Operator threatened to kill landlord, saying, “You destroyed my American dream. My goal is to get you back for what you did.” Police advised landlord to call if there were further trouble.

June 15, 3:25 PM, 1300 block of North Sandburg Terrace. Noncriminal damage to property. Man drove new Porsche home from dealership. He parked in driveway and got out of car. Two-by-four smashed through windshield. Man called police, who discovered that roofers on top of building had accidentally dropped wood. No charges were filed.

June 16, 6 PM, 6200 block of South Artesian. Robbery. Woman on sidewalk was pushing baby in carriage. She approached elderly man standing on porch steps, pushed him down, pulled gun from carriage, and held it to man’s back. Man handed over $520. Woman fled.

June 18, 3:38 AM, 2000 block of North Halsted. Theft. Man climbed onto motorized hydraulic scissors lift. He started vehicle and drove it down sidewalk. Police arrived and apprehended man, who failed subsequent sobriety test.

–Neal Pollack