August 1, noon, 7400 block of North Hermitage. Theft. Woman took identical twin sister’s driver’s license off dresser and fled house. She told sister that she was assuming her identity and would not return license because she needs it to drive. Sister whose license was taken called police, who declined to make arrest.

August 5, 8:20 AM, 700 block of West Gordon Terrace. Assault. Man entered apartment-building lobby, looking for bathroom. Building manager told him that building didn’t have public bathroom. Man punched building manager in face and fled.

August 6, 5 PM, 2600 block of North Sheffield. Assault. In front of police, elderly man accused another elderly man of following him. He said other man had pulled knife. In response, other man said that alleged victim had actually followed him and tried to kick him. Both men refused medical attention and refused to press charges.

August 9, 8:54 AM, 500 block of West Brompton. Theft. Man entered Hotel Majestic and loaded up on breakfast buffet. Employee asked man if he was guest. Man said he was. Room number didn’t check out. Employee confronted man, who fled with several employees in pursuit. Subsequent police search of area didn’t locate man.

–Neal Pollack