November 23, 4:30 AM, 2900 block of North Kolmar. Assault. Two cabdrivers argued over fare. First driver threatened to follow and shoot second driver, who had got fare. Later first driver pulled up next to second driver and flashed gun. Victim called dispatcher, who called police, who located offender by means of tracking device in cab. They arrested driver but found no gun in car.

December 9, 1 PM, 2300 block of North Cicero. Robbery. Customer at Dunkin’ Donuts claimed he’d been overcharged. He jumped over counter, pushed cashier, ripped off cashier’s headset, took two dollars, and fled.

December 14, 6:30 PM, 2800 block of North Ashland. Robbery. Man entered Subway, ordered sandwich, and pulled gun. Employee ran to back room. Man attempted to open cash register and failed. He fled with sandwich.

December 16, 3 PM, 4400 block of North Broadway. Robbery. Two men entered Chinese restaurant, pulled gun, and asked employee to empty cash register. She said she had no money, and men left. They returned the next afternoon, but employee locked door when she saw them coming. Men left again.

–Neal Pollack