June 25, 8:45 PM, 4200 block of North Lincoln. Robbery. Man with gun entered grocery store and ordered employee at service desk to hand over money. Robber and employee talked for a few minutes. Robber decided not to take money after all and left. Victim waited until next morning to report crime because, she told police, she feared for her life.

July 3, 1:50 AM, 3100 block of North Hoyne. Battery. Group of teenagers were hanging out in backyard. Man told them to quiet down. Teenager threw beer can, which struck man in head. Teenagers fled. Man refused medical attention.

July 7, 8:45 PM, 2800 block of North Broadway. Assault. Woman entered store and asked to speak to manager. She told him, “The police are trying to kidnap me and drain my blood.” Woman then threatened to kill manager, saying she wanted his blood to “cleanse my soul.” Manager attempted to soothe woman. Woman fled.

July 11, 8:30 AM, 3400 block of North Southport. Assault. Woman approached man who was walking unleashed dog. She asked him to put leash on dog. Man made derogatory comment about woman’s breasts, threw cup of hot coffee at her, and fled.

–Neal Pollack