July 15, 7:15 AM, 900 block of West Grace. Attempted robbery. Man with gun approached man getting out of car and demanded money. Victim pulled assorted change from pockets. Robber told man to keep money and fled.

July 15, 6:30 PM, 5500 block of South Shore Drive. Pickpocketing. Man approached elderly man, who was out for walk after dinner. Perpetrator pretended to sneeze on elderly man’s pants. He helped wipe off pants, in process stealing wallet containing $80.

July 24, 3 PM, 1400 block of North Milwaukee. Criminal damage to property. Very large naked man entered Walgreens, ripped down checkout-lane sign, and danced with it on top of counter, attracting a large crowd outside. Five squad cars arrived, and police subdued man. Police later reported man was “an escaped mental patient,” without saying from where he had escaped.

August 5, 2:25 PM, 10300 block of South Torrence. Theft. Teenager knocked boy off bike and rode away. On street corner one block north, man was counting $100 in cash. Teenager rode by on bike, snatched money out of man’s hand, and fled.

–Neal Pollack