October 1, 8:20 PM, 5000 block of South Lake Shore Drive. Theft. Officer questioned four teenagers he spotted breaking into car. “We weren’t stealing the car,” one said. “We were just stealing the tapes.” They were arrested.

October 26, 10:50 AM, 2400 block of West Devon. Unlawful sale or possession of poison. Undercover officer entered store that was under investigation by state’s attorney’s office. Clerk sold officer pesticide labeled “Miraculous Insecticide Chalk.” Officers arrested owner and confiscated 615 boxes of substance.

October 28, 10:15 PM, 1500 block of West Devon. Counterfeiting. Man entered gas station and attempted to cash in three lottery tickets. Clerk noticed that tickets had been torn in half and taped back together. He confronted man, who fled.

November 3, 5:05 PM, 6000 block of North California. Robbery. Teenager purchased Pokemon cards at store. Upon exiting, he was punched by another teen, who took cards. After searching area, officers caught offender. Cards were recovered in black zip-up pouch buried behind nearby fence.

–Neal Pollack