November 17, 6:35 PM, 600 block of North Michigan. Indecent exposure. Man entered movie theater and began jumping from seat to seat. He undressed, then quickly put his clothes back on and fled.

November 18, 4:25 PM, 4500 block of North Kenmore. Assault. Man driving white BMW tailgated woman’s car. Woman made gestures at man. As man passed woman, he threw Styrofoam cup at her, hitting her in head.

November 19, 4:25 PM, 600 block of West Diversey. Criminal damage to property. Man entered bread store and took several chunks of bread from sample tray. Manager asked him to stop taking samples, because they were for paying customers. Man tossed bread around store while screaming at manager. He was arrested.

November 20, 3:05 AM, 600 block of West Melrose. Criminal trespass. Responding to call, police officers found man loitering in foyer of apartment building, ringing doorbells. Man told police he didn’t live in building but was waiting for friend. Officers told him to leave. He did, but returned soon after to continue ringing doorbells. He was arrested.

–Neal Pollack