January 28, 5:30 AM, 5200 block of West Diversey. Burglary. Police officers spotted two men prying open garage door. Men saw police, dropped crowbar and screwdrivers, and pretended to urinate. Men were arrested.

January 30, 4 PM, 700 block of North Michigan. Theft. Man walked into Banana Republic wearing only underwear, shoes, and socks. He put on sweater and pair of pants and exited store without paying. Security guards chased and caught man. They learned that he had recently left nearby hospital psychiatric unit and returned him to hospital for evaluation.

February 9, 9 PM, 4600 block of North Western. Robbery. Two men walked into video store, approached clerk with a gun and demanded money. Clerk reached for phone instead of cash register. Men fled in panic.

February 10, 6:30 PM, 7200 block of North Oakley. Robbery. Two elderly sisters were approached on street by two teenage boys. One boy demanded money. One sister told other not to give them any. Boy demanded money again. Other boy said, “Shoot her.” Sister lifted up spray bottle, which she later said she uses to discipline her cats, and squirted both boys with water. Boys fled.

–Neal Pollack