June 22, 9:25 PM, 5000 block of North Clark. Battery. Man walked into bar and asked to use phone. Bartender pointed him toward pay phone. Man got upset, broke glass on floor, and left. He returned with shirt wrapped around hand, punched beer glasses in display case, jumped over bar holding pool cue, and threatened to hit bartender. He then pulled phone jack from wall and fled.

June 25, 4:30 PM, 2900 block of North Ashland. Robbery. Woman took purse from another woman’s shopping cart at Jewel. She ran outside and was caught by bystander after brief chase. Woman told police she’d gone shopping without realizing she didn’t have any money. She said she’d then seen purse and had thought it was hers.

June 25, 9:50 PM, 3100 block of North Halsted. Battery. Man was talking during performance of Blue Man Group. Man sitting next to talking man informed him he was being “loud and obnoxious.” Talking man grabbed victim and scratched his arm. He was removed from theater. He then waited outside for victim, and management called police. When police arrived, belligerent man had left. Victim refused medical attention.

June 29, 10:30 PM, 5400 block of South Ellis. Battery. Woman forgot to pick up husband at work and instead went to hair appointment. Man returned home later to find her asleep. He poured bleach on her hair. Woman awoke after he had finished and called police, who arrested him.

–Neal Pollack