September 4, 11 AM, 1500 block of East 55th. Pickpocketing. Bread deliveryman entered supermarket and saw man pull money out of old woman’s coat. He shoved bread cart toward pickpocket, knocked him down, and pinned him until police arrived.

September 7, 2 AM, 800 block of West Ainslie. Burglary. Man arrived home from vacation and found another man watching television, wearing his clothes, and drinking his liquor. He also discovered that stranger had used shower, rearranged furniture, and eaten food. Man told police he’d seen same person loitering in hall the previous week, ringing doorbells. Police arrested offender. At 5 PM the same day, man was watching TV when same offender kicked in door, brandishing screwdriver. Man chased offender from apartment, and police arrested him again.

September 14, 5 PM, 5600 block of West Grace. Theft. Boy playing basketball in park saw someone riding off with his bike. He ran over to sidewalk where bike had been parked and found another bike lying in its place. Replacement bike

was unusable.

September 26, 9 AM, 1000 block of West Wilson. Robbery. Two men entered bank and asked bank employee for pen. They wrote note and handed it to teller, saying they had a gun and wanted money. Teller opened drawer and handed money over. Men fled. Police reports didn’t indicate whether pen was recovered.

–Neal Pollack