October 3, 5:45 PM, 9900 block of South Claremont. Assault. Man told son and his friends to turn down television. They refused. Man went into another room and got rifle. He pointed it at son and told him and friends to get out of house. They threw dad into front yard and beat him up. Son called police. Dad was arrested.

October 5, 1:30 PM, 5400 block of West Barry. Attempted burglary. Man climbed into window of woman’s apartment. Woman was home and asked him what he was doing. He apologized, said he was looking for a friend, and fled.

October 8, 6:15 PM, 2000 block of West Cuyler. Robbery. Man was out looking for lost cat. Two men in ski masks approached. Man ran across street. Offenders chased him and knocked him down. Man gave them his wallet, which contained $450. Offenders fled. Cat was not recovered.

October 20, 2 PM, 7500 block of North Ridge. Deception. Woman took car to mechanic in May. Over following months, mechanic repeatedly told woman that he needed more time to repair car or that parts were on order. Woman finally went into shop. Car was not there, and mechanic wouldn’t give her information. Woman informed police she believed mechanic was driving her car “for personal use.”

–Neal Pollack