January 13, 1:30 PM, 1600 Block Of North Cleveland. Robbery. Worker saw two men carrying ladder into church he was making repairs on. When he approached them, they dropped ladder and scuffle ensued. They tried to take worker’s wallet but failed. They then hit him on the head with an incense burner, stole his jacket, and fled.

January 26, 11:40 PM, 2200 Block Of North Normandy. Burglary. Man saw another man kick in side door to his garage and exit main garage door with snowblower. Police arrived to discover that offender had dragged blower through the snow, leaving tracks. They followed tracks two blocks to an apartment building, where they arrested offender.

January 27, 8:30 PM, 6400 Block Of South Rockwell. Battery. Woman and new boyfriend went over to ex-boyfriend’s house to collect her belongings. Ex-boyfriend offered new boyfriend a beer. Argument ensued over belongings. New boyfriend smashed beer in ex-boyfriend’s face. Couple fled. Ex-boyfriend was taken to hospital, treated, and released.