January 30, 6:05 PM, 4800 block of North Clark. Assault and battery. Woman shopping at thrift store realized her wallet had been removed from her coat pocket. She turned to two other women and asked if they’d taken wallet. Women denied theft. Wallet was found on floor next to accused women. Argument ensued. One woman struck victim with wood and metal hangers while other woman threw hanger from across aisle. Assailants then fled northbound.

February 2, 10:30 AM, 5400 block of South Harlem. Burglary. Unknown number of burglars pried open back door of Minuteman Press, stealing computer. They then broke through wall with sledgehammer and entered Radio Shack, where they stole numerous items and $200 in cash. They knocked hole in another wall, entering Subway. They took $92 in cash and ransacked office. Police found half-eaten sandwich, open bags of chips, and empty soda cups on manager’s desk.

February 2, 1:30 PM, 1400 block of West Farwell. Criminal trespass. Man came home to find stranger hanging out in living room. Man asked stranger how he got in. “Door was open,” said stranger. Man asked him why he was there. “I like your music,” he said. Then he left. Nothing was taken and no damage reported.

–Neal Pollack