May 22, 1:20 PM, 6100 block of North Winthrop. Battery.

Woman getting cable system repaired refused to sign service form and began asking cable company employee difficult questions. When woman attempted to call cable company to complain about service, employee twisted her arm, grabbing service form and cable remote control. He then fled. Woman did not require medical attention.

May 23, 3 AM, 800 block of West Irving Park. Robbery.

Man was stopped on street and hit in face by person who took his money. Victim couldn’t tell police whether robber was a man or woman. Victim also could not remember if robber had stolen $28, $48, or $82. Victim had allegedly been drinking.

May 26, 10:30 AM, 2000 block of West Fargo. Criminal trespass. Man’s cousin had entered apartment numerous times without permission to hang out. Man finally called police. Man said he was moving and was worried that cousin would let himself into apartment even when it was occupied by different tenant.

May 31, 7:45 PM, 5400 block of West 63rd. Vehicle theft. Teenager broke passenger window of car and drove away. After half a block, car stalled in street. Owner of car came out of house. Teenager asked owner to help him start car. Owner held teenager until police arrived.

–Neal Pollack