July 12, 11 PM, 1900 block of North Lincoln. Battery. Man attending bachelor party at restaurant created disturbance. Another man, not attending party, told him to shut up and returned to table. Offender threw knife across restaurant patio, making small cut in victim’s left bicep. Police broke up bachelor party and arrested offender.

July 13, 7 AM, 4200 block of North Wolcott. Burglary. Woman woke up to find kitchen window screen removed, several items knocked off windowsill, and white long-haired cat missing. She called police to report burglary, but later admitted cat could have just jumped out window.

July 16, 6:15 AM, 4700 block of West Wellington. Robbery. Offender approached sleeping man on street, rolled him over, searched his pockets, took pager, and walked off. Police officer spotted robbery and arrested offender. Victim did not wake up during incident.

July 23, 3 PM, 3600 block of West 61st Place. Criminal trespass. Woman heard someone breaking into house, ran upstairs, hid in closet, and called police. Officers arrived and saw man leaving house with gray metal box. Box contained 160 grams of marijuana, 135 grams of cocaine, quantity of bullets, and more than $5,000. Burglar said he’d sold cocaine to woman’s son but was stealing it back because son refused to pay up. Woman and son were subsequently arrested for felony drug possession.

–Neal Pollack