September 4, 10:45 AM, 6100 block of North Winthrop. Assault. 23-year-old male working on roof was struck in leg by BB pellet of unknown origin. A moment later his face was splashed with tar when a second projectile struck open container.

September 7, 8:50 PM, 5300 block of North Linder. Assault. 17-year-old female crossing yard with companion reported hearing a “swooshing” noise immediately before being struck in elbow by BB pellet of unknown origin.

September 9, 12:02 AM, first block of East Adams.

Armed robbery. 26-year-old male entered doughnut establishment, ordered two regular and two chocolate glazed, and served himself 20-ounce bottle of water. Clerk bagged doughnuts and charged offender $4.01. Offender then drew loaded .357 Smith & Wesson revolver from waistband, aimed at clerk, and said, “I got a gun, so what do you want?” Clerk surrendered; offender sat down, placed gun on table, and consumed order until several police officers entered doughnut establishment, noticed firearm on table, and arrested offender.

September 12, 2:35 PM, 1700 block of South State. Criminal damage to city property. Officer noticed 26-year-old male smoking cigar outside First District police station. Offender extinguished cigar on station door frame and entered building. Officer inspected door frame, discovered burn mark, collared offender.

September 29, 7:55 PM, 200 block of South Wacker. Public indecency. 23-year-old male German national visiting Sears Tower sky deck was observed by female to remove his penis from pants and place it in viewfinder. Female alerted security, who detained offender until police arrived.