September 22, 4 PM, 3600 block of North Southport. Robbery. Man walked into flower shop and asked to change a dollar. Clerk opened cash register. Man grabbed wad of ten-dollar bills and fled.

October 4, 1:20 AM, 6100 block of West Addison. Aggravated battery. Two men at bar asked woman to dance. She declined. One man threw beer mug at the other, hitting him in head. Injured man was taken to hospital, treated, and released.

October 8, 9 AM, 5200 block of South Greenwood. Burglary. Home owner went downstairs and found strange man in living room. “Are you here to fix the window?” owner asked. Stranger said yes, so owner went upstairs to shower. House was ransacked. Owner identified burglar in police lineup two weeks later.

October 11, 7:10 PM, 4500 block of North Magnolia. Assault. Grocery clerk spotted woman breaking stems off several bunches of collard greens. Clerk told woman that she had to purchase greens with stems on because store buys them that way. Woman, whose eight-year-old son was carrying small baseball bat, said, “We’re gonna kick your ass.” Clerk called police, but woman and son left before they arrived.

–Neal Pollack