October 22, 1:15 PM, 3700 block of North Racine. Burglary. Deliveryman dropping off package found bottom panel of first-floor apartment door kicked in. He rang bell. Man inside apartment said his wife had just been shot and asked deliveryman to call 911. Police arrived moments later to find that three apartments in building had been burglarized. There was no sign of any shooting victim.

October 23, 3:45 AM, 3200 block of North Clark. Robbery. Two men jumped another man on street and told him to “come up with something.” Victim fought back, pulling coat off one robber and hat off another. Coat contained receipt from animal hospital that included address of robber. Investigation is ongoing.

October 31, 8:30 PM, 2000 block of West Foster. Burglary. Elderly couple returned from vacation to find house had been broken into and $500 taken from nightstand. Beds had been slept in and wet towels were lying on bathroom floor. Couple told police that burglars had taken three sodas and two frozen pizzas from refrigerator. Police also found hairpiece on bedroom floor.

November 18, 7:25 PM, 6900 block of North Wayne. Battery. Two elderly men wished to get paint can out of apartment building storeroom. Argument ensued about who would get to use paint first. Men grabbed at and pushed each other for a while, then both called police. Police arrived and men gave conflicting accounts. Neither wished to sign complaint. They were advised to contact police again if necessary.

–Neal Pollack