February 22, 9:30 PM, Harlem-Irving Plaza. Attempted theft. Best Buy employee stole radar detector from shelves and hid it in filing cabinet after removing theft-detection device. Another employee found stolen item and re-installed device. Thief later hid radar detector in his pants and attempted to leave work, setting off store alarm. Item was recovered.

February 29, 6:30 AM, 4800 block of South Keating. Robbery. Woman flagged down male driver, dragged him from his car, and took $180. She then fled in a car with two other men. Victim told police the woman was “very strong.”

March 21, 11 AM, 1100 block of West Webster. Robbery. Man entered record store and mumbled something unintelligible to clerk, who asked him to leave. Man pulled a bullet from his pocket, threatened clerk, and got away with $62.

MARCH 24, 11:40 PM, 1200 block of East 52nd. Robbery. Man held up student at gunpoint, taking his wallet, which contained three dollars and credit cards. He attempted to drive off in student’s car but couldn’t operate the stick shift. He then fled on foot.

–Neal Pollack