MAY 6, 9:40 PM, 7300 BLOCK OF NORTH DAMEN. Possession of controlled substances. Two officers responded to domestic-disturbance call. Woman let officers in and offered them a seat. A large rodent ran past behind two mattresses stacked on the floor. Woman began screaming hysterically. Officers lifted mattresses to catch rodent, discovered several bags of cocaine and marijuana, and arrested woman.

MAY 14, 3:30 AM, 63RD AND KEDZIE. Theft. Man waiting at bus stop dropped $10 bill. Another man grabbed it and ran away. Victim waited nearby until perpetrator reappeared an hour and a half later. Victim gave chase. Police witnessed chase, stopped them, and arrested perpetrator.

MAY 26, 6:45 PM, 800 BLOCK OF WEST BELMONT. Criminal damage to property. Clerk in video store caught man licking and eating the covers of several adult videos. Man refused to stop and shoved clerk, who called police.

MAY 26, 11:20 PM, 2600 BLOCK OF NORTH MILDRED. Robbery. Man approached couple, pulled a gun, and asked if they would be surprised if they knew someone had hired him to kill them. Couple did not respond. Perpetrator made them walk a few blocks, took $200, and said he’d like to introduce himself. He showed them a driver’s license, talked about his girlfriend for a few minutes, and fled.