July 1, 10 PM, 6200 block of South Western. Aggravated assault. Man pointed gun at another man, who had cut in front of him in line at a Mexican restaurant. Victim went outside and flagged down police. Offender tossed gun on floor of his car and fled on foot. Police tracked offender by his license-plate number and arrested him near his house eight days later.

July 18, 4:10 PM, 1400 block of North Cleveland. Theft. Woman called police to report that group of children had taken a dog from her yard. Children came back later that afternoon and told her they would return her dog for $200. When woman refused, children repeatedly lowered their price. Woman still refused, and at press time, dog had not yet been returned.

July 20, 8:20 PM, 5100 block of South Kimbark. Robbery. Pizza deliveryman returned to his car after a delivery to find a man and woman waiting for him. Woman was holding the Club. She said she would smash deliveryman’s window unless he gave them the pizza that was in his car. He agreed. Offenders then fled with pizza in their own car.

July 22, 1 AM, 1100 Block of West 95th. Vehicle theft. Two women from Michigan were reporting a traffic accident and noticed man crying in police station. He asked them for a ride and promised them a sightseeing tour of the city in exchange. Women agreed, but after a while grew tired of the man and asked him to get out of the car. He would not. They stopped at a motel and man started coming on to them. They refused his advances. He grabbed their car keys, pushed them aside, and drove away.

–Neal Pollack

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): Map of Chicago coastline contains dog, slice of pizza, derringer, and antique automobile graphics.