August 3, 4:25 AM, 4100 Block of West Marquette.Arson. Man notified police that two men had brandished a shotgun and stolen his car. Police found burned-out car in alley a few blocks away. The officers questioned man again, and he admitted to setting the fire himself as a protest against the rates charged by his insurance company.

August 7, 12:15 PM, 1500 block of east 55th. Aggravated robbery. Man entered optometrist’s office and asked to have his glasses repaired. He then pulled out a handgun and demanded that store employees give him all the eyeglass frames they could fit into his duffel bag. They gave him $4,500 worth of frames. Man ran out of the store, pursued by employee, who flagged police officer. Chase ensued, and man turned and pointed gun. Officer fired one shot and missed. Man dropped bag and ran around the corner, where he was apprehended by University of Chicago police. His gun was later found to be a starter’s pistol.

August 16, 10:30 PM, 100 Block of East Oak. Theft. Movie-theater ticket vendor took $1,000 from box office, handing it in an envelope to a friend. Her manager later questioned her in his office about the missing money. She claimed to have been robbed. While manager called police, she opened his safe and took $400. Police arrived, asked to see what was in woman’s purse, and discovered the $400. “I’ve been set up,” she said.

August 21, 6:40 PM, 2300 Block of West 95th. Theft. Man walked into Radio Shack, grabbed three packs of batteries, and left before anyone could stop him. Five minutes later, he returned for another pack. Manager detained him until police arrived.

–Neal Pollack