October 26, 1:05 AM, 5100 block of South Harper.

Robbery. Seventeen-year-old was grabbed from behind by man who put a gun to his head and demanded money. Victim said he had no money. Man said, “Take off your stuff.” Victim removed coat, pants, shirt, and shoes. Man took clothing and fled.

November 5, 4:30 PM, 800 block of West Aldine.

Theft. Man rang doorbell of 80-year-old woman’s home, saying he had come to repair her back porches. He then asked her to go upstairs and stomp around so he could spot weak floorboards. While she did this, he went through the house, took $20 and a bag of Halloween candy, and fled.

November 8, 9:15 AM, 4700 block of North Magnolia.

Burglary. Woman returned to apartment after spending night at mother’s house. She had forgotten her keys and climbed in through bedroom window, where she found two teenage boys sleeping in her bed. Boys said they had come for money victim’s sister owed them. Victim began screaming, and boys fled. She found apartment littered with bottles and trash and later realized that her two TV sets were missing.

November 13, 5:40 AM, 7400 block of North Damen.

Criminal damage to property. Officers arrived at home of man who said that a small hole had been cut or torn in his rear screen door. He told officers that he would have alarms installed to prevent this from happening again. He also told them that the damage had been done by his landlord, or possibly the CIA, both of whom he says are trying to steal his copyrighted software programs.

–Neal Pollack