Saturday, April 13, 2:30 PM, 6400 block of South Long. Impersonating an officer. Three teenage girls in car were flagged down by two men who flashed a badge and claimed to be police officers. Offenders ordered girls out of car, accusing them of possessing a gun. One offender searched car, while the other demanded the names and addresses of the victims but failed to write them down. Victims were told to leave when no gun was found.

Tuesday, April 23, 8 PM, 400 block of South Loomis. Armed robbery. Two unidentified offenders, one carrying a handgun, relieved two women of their purses on a CTA platform. Offenders then approached another pair of women and produced another handgun. “That gun’s not loaded,” said one of the women. “That’s not even a real gun!” Barrel of gun then fell off. Offender struck the woman on her nose and fled with her purse. Recovered handgun turned out to be a toy.

Thursday, May 2, 11:50 AM, 400 S. State. Theft. 42-year-old offender was arrested after attempting to steal $5 paperback copy of a Star Trek book from Harold Washington Library.

Saturday, May 4, 11:30 AM, 300 block of North Jefferson. Suspicious material. Male resident found small package containing unknown white powder in fifth-floor garbage room of residential building. Another male at building’s front desk contacted police after failing to identify substance by taste. Fire department hazmat specialists recovered box and took it to lab for further testing.

Friday, May 10, 700 block of South Plymouth. Reckless conduct. 18-year-old Columbia College student was arrested after police observed him launching bottle rockets from seventh-floor dormitory window.

Saturday, May 18, 7:45 PM, 1100 block of West Fullerton. Burglary. Victim arrived home to find intruder. Victim chased offender out back door and into street. Offender dropped $100 in change, CD player, and camera but escaped with $10 when DePaul campus police maced victim.