December 29, 7:30 pm, Illinois and Dearborn. Aggravated assault. Man walked into fire station demanding to be fed. Firemen refused, saying it was against policy. Man became irate, started screaming obscenities, and pulled out eight-inch bowie knife. Firemen threatened to call police, and man left.

January 7, 12:30 pm, 3900 Block of West 64th Place. Burglary. Police arrested two men trying to break into house. During interrogation one man confessed that for a year he had been breaking into homes of police officers on the southwest side, stealing uniforms and badges and hanging them in his apartment as souvenirs.

January 7, 5 pm, 6100 Block of North Broadway. Forgery. Woman reported to police in December that she’d never received a $100 money order sent to her by her mother. Police discovered that check had been cashed at currency exchange by man who had opened woman’s Christmas card containing check and written his name over hers. Man told police that he’d spent $10 of the money on food and that the rest had been stolen from his jacket.

January 8, 9:30 pm, 1600 Block of East 59th. Robbery. Woman exiting Metra station approached by man with gun who demanded money and jewelry. Another man walked by and stared. Gunman turned to him and said, “What are you looking at?” Woman ran from scene. Gunman took $6 from passerby and fled.

–Neal Pollack