To the editors:

Mr. Wyman, you are a piece of work. In your November 19 [Hitsville] reminiscence of the Liz Phair Metro show you describe “Casey Rice matter-of-factly tuning Phair’s guitar as she chatted with the crowd” as a highlight of the concert! Gee, I recall seeing the Who in 1980 and not once did I think to myself, “This would be an absolutely fantastic concert if only Pete Townshend would matter-of-factly tune Roger Daltrey’s guitar while he chats with the crowd.”

A friend of mine (a female musician) seemed downright betrayed by this minor moment in Phair’s performance. After all, she figures, if you’re going to crank out angry, alternative, independent person music, you should also be able to handle your own gear onstage.

Bill, you were also amazed by “the extremely high percentage of women at the show.” You know, the last time I saw Poison, I was amazed by the extremely high percentage of skinny, long-haired guys at that show too! Nuff said.

Ken Mottet

W. Belle Plaine