To the editors:

Like everyone else who has dealt with Phil Krone, Florence Hamlish Levinsohn seems rather overwhelmed at times [July 14]. I can appreciate that. In the eleven years I have known Phil he has variously educated me, threatened me, cajoled me, inspired me, entertained me, confided in me, flattered me, baited me, criticized me, intimidated me, trapped me, cooperated with me, and assisted me, but he has never attempted to deceive me. Ms. Levinsohn’s article captured Phil perfectly on paper from the cover photo to the closing quip.

Here is another illustrative story: While visiting a farm Phil’s son, James, admired a black and white spotted calf, so Phil brought it home to his suburban neighborhood. When the municipal authorities advised him that livestock could not be kept within the city limits he responded with the argument that the animal in question was actually a Dalmatian. This case was not in the twenty percent he wins, but I am sure he was (as he would say) having a good time.

Theodore Hild