To the editors:

Thank you for the honest portrait of Mr. R. Gidwitz [“City College Showdown,” April 2]. I would like to correct one misimpression that was reported. The chairman of the City College Board wants to be known as no patsy–as a leader who takes a hard line on cleaning up problems at City Colleges, who knows that business is business.

This impression is contradicted by his unwavering support of the former Dr., now Mr., Milton Hill. Mr. Gidwitz brought in Mr. Hill to head up Planning, Development, and Research for the colleges, in part, no doubt, because of his PhD. When it was discovered one year later that Mr. Hill had imagined receiving a PhD, he resigned at the February Board meeting. At the March Board meeting Mr. Hill was awarded a $20,000 contract to do research for the City Colleges, where he still works.

Apparently Mr. Hill’s memory lapse is not such a serious offense in the get-tough business world of shampoo. Can we expect that Mr. Gidwitz will extend his duties to advising students on writing resumes?

John Mintier

Truman College