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Dear Reader,

Please fire Bill Wyman. If there is some contract trouble, maybe maybe you can fina a place in the back of Section Three so he is out of the way of your capable journalists. The Reader, for the most part, has articles that provoke thought and shine light on the parts of our community that need in-depth inspection. Even the sillier parts of your paper are generally created by people who walk capably through the land of silly.

Whether I agree or disagree with anything Wyman says is irrelevant. I won’t argue his insensitivity about Jerry Garcia’s death [Hitsville, August 25] or his general insight that could be called naive at best. I simply believe that he doesn’t live up to the standards set by the journalists in the Reader. Wyman does not write columns deserving of any page, much less the front page of Section Three.

Discounting the ads, Section Three of the Reader tends to focus on new talent, must-sees, and local musicians. This is to be respected. If I want to read about Courtney Love or Michael Stipe, I can read Spin, Rolling Stone, or even the Tribune. What a shame that you feel you need to cater to that at all with a Hitsville column.

The most recent sign of Wyman’s vacuousness? His 100 whatevers in rock history [September 29]. A classic “space filler” for music journalists who have nothing on their mind to write about.

Since this is not the first negative mail you have recieved about Wyman, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, maybe the Reader is strating to believe that bad remarks are better than none at all. Bill Wyman is not doing the Reader any good. I hope the Reader proves that it is attempting to be an intelligent, insightful, enjoyable paper and does what should have been done long ago.

Cut your losses. Fire Bill Wyman.

Robert A. Koch