To the editors:

Our Muse Who Art in Haven

Achy [Obejas, Calendar editor] is our idol; she gladdens our need to read

She leads us to reflection

She turns a phrase, or molds an image–and tells it like it is

Delightful candor, or book reviews–

The thunder made some wimps take umbrage

The passions bubbled . . . the fretful chose to write

and as patricians slept, our “lambs” went outta sight!

Where are you Ms. Obejas?

Wo bist du? en donde estas?

Sandwich ed between June and July!

Oh fie! Oh no! Oh (sniff)

Perchance the big boys in Valhalla

Can make Wednesday seem less bland–

Will give us book reviews with thunder;

Make “papers skitter down the street” again

Please make a change or two in places

Which make best use of all your aces

–and give us back our “sheeps”

J. Higgs-Peres