To the editor:

I am aware of letters, phone calls, and E-mails that friends important to me have been receiving since the Reader’s article about me and my soccer team was published [January 8]. I feel I must reply.

I have learned that in life the good and bad go hand in hand. So it is with AYSO. My experiences there were bitter and sweet. The bitter parts were already accurately conveyed in Ben Joravsky’s article. I would like to now talk about the sweet.

I appreciate the efforts I saw in AYSO. I have great respect for many of the volunteers who took (and take) their time to introduce soccer to kids and to make sure that every kid plays. There were many days when it was fun to watch the games. And I made many wonderful friends, as did my children, through AYSO. As a matter of fact, my wife has reminded me that it was through AYSO that my children discovered soccer. I thank AYSO for that.

Salvador Morote