Sunday, May 13, 11:15 PM

756: Would it be possible to run me an ambulance over here?

Dispatcher: Suuure. And ’56, they’re gonna ask us so I’m askin’ you–is this guy awake and breathing and is it on the sixth floor?

756: It’s a female, she’s on the first floor, she’s beat-up pretty good, yeah. She’s got swollen eyes, she can’t see, she needs an ambulance.

Unidentified Caller: Yo, Adrian.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. Battery in progress, 69– Winchester, the mother who tried to pick up her missing daughter is now fighting with the missing daughter out in front. 747?

747: Yep.

Dispatcher: 747, if you would be kind enough, ride on that battery in progress, 69– Winchester, mom and the daughter beating each other up. 842?

842: 842.

Dispatcher: ’42, I know it’s hard to believe, but somebody’s sellin’ drugs. Four-five and LaCrosse on the corner.

842: Four-five and LaCrosse you say?

Dispatcher: Yeah, hard to believe. 747? 747?

747: ’47.

Dispatcher: ’47, it’s getting better and better. It’s now gone from a battery in progress to a sexual assault report on that Winchester job. The neighbor’s sayin’ that the little girl was raped by the stepfather and the mom is tryin’ to take her away.

747: Ten-four.

Dispatcher: 843?

843: Yes sir.

Dispatcher: Do me a favor before you go home today–throw some tickets on the cars. 3700 West 63rd Place, pickup truck parked in the alley, and this happens every night!

843: Oh no.

Tuesday, May 15, 7:15 PM

1461-D: You up for a meet at Campbell and Homer?

1461-C: Campbell and Homan?

1461-D: Homer.

1461-C: Doh.

Tuesday, May 15, 8:15 PM

Dispatcher: If anyone’s near the 2400 block of North Monitor, got the typical three boys, seven to nine, riding their bikes in the alley. Citizen states cars are honking at ’em and she’s afraid for their safety. No further. If anyone feels like being a parent and are nearby the 2400 block of North Monitor.