Saturday, June 9, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: Any kind of condition besides it bein’ in the head?

1130: I’ll say he’s good, but they’ll probably tell you critical. Shot in the head, but he’s responsive.

Tuesday, June 12, 12:55 AM

1950: Can we have a wagon come by, assist the citizen home? He’s in a wheelchair.

Dispatcher: 1950, let me see…

1950: Ask 23, can they help us out? Old-timer needs a ride home.

Dispatcher: Let me ask. 2372?

unidentified caller: CTA, squad.

Dispatcher: Somebody is telling us to contact CTA?

unidentified caller: They deal with handicapped people.

1950: I need a wagon, all right?

Dispatcher: 2320?

2320: 2320.

dispatcher: 2320, 1950 has an assist a citizen. He has a person in a wheelchair and he’s asking for a wagon. Nineteenth district wagon is down on a domestic–he was wondering if he could borrow 2372.

2320: The wagon doesn’t handle wheelchairs.

(Several clicks.)

1950: What’s he sayin’? No?

dispatcher: Trying to find out, sir, we’ve got everyone else coming in. 2320? 2320? 2301.

2301: What do they expect the wagon to do with this wheelchair?

dispatcher: It’s a–stand by, 1950, would you mobile with 2301?

1950: Give the old-timer in the wheelchair a ride home. And I’m gonna stand by, OK? Have ’em stop by.

2301: Let ’em go over there.

Tuesday, June 12, 1:10 AM

dispatcher: 4656 Sheridan at the Best Subs, a man came in and peed on the floor. Want to talk to police.

2324: Squad, disregard on that job. A few minutes ago I gave you a code.

dispatcher: OK, ten-four.

2324: Yeah, that was the man with the gun. A very small gun, I might add.