Tuesday, September 11, 12:01 PM

1862-C: Yeah, we were told that there’s supposed to be no air traffic? I’m lookin’ at an airplane right above the filtration plant a little further north. Notify whoever needs to be notified.

Dispatcher: OK, 862-Charlie, ten-four. 1899?

1899: 1899.

Dispatcher: ’99, I got a tac unit says he’s got air traffic above the filter plant right now.

1899: Squad, my only suggestion is to call FAA, see what their opinion is.

Dispatcher: OK. You don’t see any markings or anything on that plane, correct?

1862-C: I lost it. I don’t even know where it’s at anymore.

dispatcher: OK, we’ll just put a notification up to the front desk . . . 1899 and the unit at the filtration plant, per the FAA–they got a military plane by the filtration plant up in the airspace for O’Hare. If you see a military plane it’s OK to be there, according to the FAA. I have no further information. They’re guarding the airspace at that location.

1870: 1870, I copy that.

1862-C: 1862-Charlie, thank you very much.

Tuesday, September 11, 1:20 PM

1882-E: Are the highways closed, or access in and out of the city closed, or anything like that? People are asking.

Dispatcher: As far as I know everything is open, unless I’m wrong. Anybody got any information on that?

1830: 1830, sir, I just passed by Ontario and all those things are fine.

1807-A: 1807-Adam. Since you’re giving out information, I got a concerned citizen asking me, is the Cub game on this evening?

Unidentified Caller: Who cares?

Unidentified Caller #2: Negative. All sporting events are canceled.

1807-A: Thank you. I’ll tell him.

Unidentified Caller #2: Blew it anyway.

Thursday, September 13, 1:10 PM

Dispatcher: They were trying to match their speed to the train speed, as if they were gonna board it or something. OK, 31, a suspicious auto driving alongside the trains, on the dirt, 5600 Kostner. They describe it as a silver or gray Blazer with either a male Hispanic or Mideastern driver in his early 20s wearing a baseball cap.

1731: 1731. This guy is startin’. He saw me, he’s starting to move. He’s going southbound on the dirt road next to the tracks. He looks like he just turned somewhere, I can’t tell from here. He’s probably near Foster somewhere.

Dispatcher: OK, units in 17, 1731 says that truck that was acting strangely around the railroad tracks is moving southbound up towards Foster.

1731: They mighta ditched the car. There’s two walkin’ on the tracks down there. I’m going to try to approach ’em. . . .’11 just pulled up behind me. . . . These two guys I have are two schoolteachers with a group of kids who were trying to follow this truck. Took off southbound on these tracks here, they think it cut through the park to the left. They really don’t know where it went, but they think he was driving pretty wildly. It looked like maybe two Arabs and possibly there might have been some shots fired from that vehicle.

Dispatcher: Give me the plate.

1731: —–. It is a Jeep. I ran it before, it registers something from the 6— block of Central Park.

Dispatcher: All righty.

Unidentified Caller: Squad, after you run that, will you assign a car to that address in the hopes that he might come home?

Dispatcher: 1706? Take a ride, 6— North Central Park, hang around, look for a Jeep to pull up. They’re racin’ the trains, possibly wanted for shots fired up on the tracks.

1706: We’ll go up there right now.

Dispatcher: That’s where I’ll hold you down at . . . 1671? 6— Spokane, they got a Mideastern man sittin’ in a gray foreign car for about an hour.

1731: 1731, we think that we have found his tracks. He went into LaBagh Woods, he went west of the tracks. I’m gonna go into LaBagh itself, and ’11’s going to stay here on the tracks. If he runs, he’ll only be able to come up the same way he came out. Let everyone know that there’s a possibility there was shots fired out of that car too.

Dispatcher: OK, again, there may have been shots fired out of that car, it’s very possible. . . . Could somebody go up to 3400 Peterson? ’20, ’30, ’50, or ’60? ’90?

1790: ’90. I’m in the woods somewhere, don’t ask me where. Hopefully I’ll get out of here by the end of the tour.

Unidentified Caller: Don’t get lost.

Dispatcher: Remember, he can only run halfway in, so you’re in pretty good shape.

1790: The deer this time of year are absolutely stunning.

Dispatcher: Don’t let ’em start winking at ya, OK? This is like the episode of The Sopranos where they were lost in the woods.

1750: 1750.

Dispatcher: 1750?

1750: OK, at this time you can relieve everybody. We’re gonna try to get out of the woods–’31, ’23, and myself have about a mile to walk back to the car. The vehicle they’re lookin’ for made a U-turn and made its way out of the woods up back on the tracks and probably went out Bryn Mawr. And we’re tryin’ to get ’11 out of here–he got a little stuck–and we’re on our way out, OK?

Dispatcher: OK.

1723: ’23. Clear me from this goose chase, and I need gas.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, we’ll hold you down on the gas. . . . Units in 17, this is just coming in as information for the police, from 38– on School. Got the complainant calling from that address wishing to thank all the police for taking good care of the people. She’ll keep you in her prayers.