Friday, October 5, 1:50 PM

7354: Wasn’t it Wee-Wee or whatever? What was that?

Dispatcher: Is it Wee-Wee? Let me see, it’s a whole bunch of characters’ names. OK, OK, it’s Wee-Wee, it’s Boogie, it’s Jamal. Jamal used to live at the abandoned house at —- West 70th Street, Wee-Wee lived at —- West 70th Street, and Boogie lives around the corner.

Tuesday, October 9, 1:55 PM

Dispatcher: Getting a domestic battery victim at —- Jonquil. Got a complainant who was a neighbor; she’ll be waiting for the police out in front. She says she was battered by her son and put out of the house. The son allegedly belongs to a gang. No further information, 24th District, Zone 1 radio.

2455: Did you say that was on Jonquil?

Dispatcher: 10-4, —- Jonquil out in front.

2455: Isn’t that on the Gateway to the North Shore?

Dispatcher: 10-4!

Thursday, October 11, 12:10 PM

1181-B: Yeah, squad, do you have a car in the vicinity of Pulaski and Madison? We got a peddler on a bicycle. They keep runnin’ from us and we’re on foot.

Dispatcher: Unit near Pulaski and Madison, assist the foot men regarding a peddler on a bike.

Thursday, October 11, 11:15 PM

1047: Remind one of the early cars out of roll call they need to come over here, ’cause we don’t leave at one.

Dispatcher: Yeah, I’ll remember. I’ll try to remember.

1047: I’m sure I’ll remember

Dispatcher: Yeah, I know you will.

1047: Better remember, buddy.

Dispatcher: Ho ho ho.

Friday, October 12, 12:25 AM

2323: If you get the call about the guy who thinks he’s possessed by James Brown, we took care of that one too while we were there.

dispatcher: All right, double 23. No, we don’t have anything about James Brown. We have a loud noise complaint at —- West Patterson, apartment –. Citizen said loud noises coming from the apartment?

2323: That’s the one.

Dispatcher: 10-4.