Tuesday, January 11, 11:20 PM

Dispatcher: Third watch?

1944: 1944.

Dispatcher: OK sir…the B-truck plate is coming up clear, SOS, no record.

1944: Every plate, every plate–there’s something wrong with your computer.

Dispatcher: Wait, we’ll slap it.

Friday, January 14, 12:10 AM

Dispatcher: OK units, 352 is at Roscoe and Sheffield, he has the victim in his car, said this happened about 15 minutes ago. It’s a male black, six feet five inches tall, wearing a fedora, carrying a gun.

Unidentified caller: What the hell’s a fedora?

Dispatcher: I don’t know what a fedora is, but it’s something you wear.

Unidentified caller number two: Like Al Capone wears.

2352: 352.

Dispatcher: 352.

2352: All right, the victim didn’t see a gun today, but he says he’s robbed him in the past with a pistol. But he did not see a pistol today.

Dispatcher: OK. Units around that Belmont and Sheffield, Roscoe and Sheffield area looking for the male black, six-five, wearing the fedora, and carrying the gun. He used to be, sometimes would occasionally carry a gun and use it to stick people up. The victim saw the man today and he remembered him from the last time that he stuck him up. But he didn’t see the gun today, but he knows the last time he stuck him up he did have a gun.

Unidentified caller number three: Did he have any clothing description tonight?

Dispatcher: Got a hat on.

2352: He was wearing all black, that’s all he knows.

Unidentified caller number Four: And the sky is green.

Unidentified caller number Five: And our fedoras are open.