Saturday, December 8, 12:30 AM

Dispatcher: 1923, this is just information–got a wild coyote flying around on your beat, Belmont and Hermitage. 311’s been notified.

1923: Wait a minute, a wild coyote?

Dispatcher: Yeah, that’s what the citizen’s saying. Said he just saw a coyote heading southbound on Hermitage.

Unidentified Caller: With a roadrunner in front.

Sunday, December 30, 1:45 PM

Dispatcher: 1341, we just got another call saying that this female is now inside the store. She was out in the parking lot trying to supposedly break into a vehicle and she’s now in the store.

1341: What does that “supposedly” mean, I wonder. You’re gonna do it or you’re not gonna do it. “Supposedly”!

Sunday, December 30, 3:30 PM

Dispatcher: Somebody’s calling for a disturbance, 41– Troy, about the loud prayin’ in church.

Unidentified Caller: They pray loud over there.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

Sunday, December 30, 4:25 PM

Dispatcher: They called from in front of the pet store across the street. It’s a male white wearin’ an American flag scarf. Says he’s beatin’ a woman out in front.

Sunday, December 30, 4:35 PM

Dispatcher: There’s a male Hispanic with a gray and black sweater kickin’ the complainant’s car tires. She doesn’t know why.

Monday, December 31, 11:20 AM

Dispatcher: I have a sex offense-other for you over at 5– N. Lockwood, complainant wants to talk to you about the 23-year-old male black resident over there that keeps running around naked.

Unidentified Caller: He’s practicing to be the New Year baby.

Monday, December 31, 11:35 AM

2514: Hold me down at 57– on George, citizen flagged me down about the guy sleeping in his car. I’m gonna go through ’em real quick.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. Anybody nearby 57– George to assist 2514?

2515: ‘515, I’m not that far away.

Dispatcher: She said it’s no emergency, she just wanted to go through the guy sleepin’ in the car–’14 again?

2514: It’s a city worker. I guess he’s takin’ his lunch.