Wednesday, June 28, 1:30 PM

Dispatcher: Could you help us out, 17– Damen?

1482: Jeez, I’m right in front.

Dispatcher: You didn’t get hit in the head with a crane, did ya?

1482: I was gonna have lunch.

Dispatcher: You can continue having lunch and I’ll get somebody else, no problem.

1482: That’s OK, don’t worry about it.

Dispatcher: Tell me how big this thing is, this crane.

1482: Ah, it’s about, it looks to be about a 25-footer.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. 1482 again? The guy that got hit, he’s OK, or he’s not OK, or what?

1482: No, he’s walkin’ and talkin’, and they have him right now, the paramedics have him and he looks like he’s gonna be all right. But I don’t know anything else, I’m not a doctor.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four, 1420 go–

1420: I can see him squad, he looks real good.

Dispatcher: OK, I got lucky, ten-four.

Unidentified Caller: I’m a doctor, Jim, not a police officer.

1420: OK, there’s nothing big over here, squad, a crane on a truck flipped over.

Dispatcher: All right.

Unidentified Caller: Would that be a whooping crane?

1482: Hey squad, who keeps makin’ the comments on the radio? You know which radio made that comment?

Dispatcher: No. You key up and that kills the last radio identification on it, sir, so I don’t know.

1482: If you get another comment just let me know. I’m here with the sergeant.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

Wednesday, June 28, 10:45 PM

Unidentified Caller: No, it was a truck, not a motorcycle.

Dispatcher: What’d he get, hit by a truck?

Unidentified Caller: No, he was the driver. Truck versus pole, pole wins.

Unidentified Caller #2: Pole wins by about 15 to nothin’.

Unidentified Caller #3: Sliced in half. Took his head off too.

Unidentified Caller #2: There was no half. Fifteen to twenty pieces.

Unidentified Caller #4: Like a bunch of crackers, that’s how bad it was.

Dispatcher: What kind of truck was he drivin’?

Unidentified Caller #2: One with a poor safety rating?

Unidentified Caller #5: Yeah, don’t forget the pornos that was in the back of the truck.

Dispatcher: Tryin’ to say this guy was kinda like Humpty Dumpty?

Unidentified Caller #6: Is that funny?