Monday, July 24, 11:05 PM

Dispatcher: At 11– Monticello, people are smokin’ dope and urinatin’ at that location. If anyone wants to watch that.

Tuesday, July 25, 11:10 PM

Dispatcher: 1141, take this if you would–runnin’ out of cars here–28– Flournoy on a disturbance, loud music out of a Grand Prix, first of all. And then secondly, if you would, 44– Fifth on a person down. Man in his 30s under the viaduct, she thinks he might be dead, he hasn’t moved. I’m thinkin’ it’s that bad hooch. 1056, 1056?

1056: 1056.

Dispatcher: 24– Ridgeway on a disturbance. Complainant says the residents are disrupting the crisis intervention center. If you could take a look at that. 1141?

1141: 41.

Dispatcher: Listen, this person down on the street on 44– Fifth, are ya there yet?

1141: Just goin’. I was just goin’ to give you a code for Flournoy, we’re headin’ there now.

Dispatcher: Yeah, well, this guy down, he’s a person shot. Fire’s on the scene, said he’d been shot.

Unidentified Caller: Uh-oh.

Dispatcher: It came in as the person down, but he’s not down, he’s down-and-out. We’re just gonna find out how down-and-out he is.

5429: 5429, we’re gonna go over to Sinai with this man down.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. They ready to move him now?

5429: He’s already gone, squad.

Thursday, July 27, 10:50 PM

Dispatcher: 1042, take first a battery victim, 18– Kildare, was jumped on by two females, two known females or known to be females, I guess, I’m not sure. Then, 15– Kildare on a vicious animal, got a dog runnin’ in traffic. That’s probably my ex. You’ll probably have to destroy her.

Unidentified Caller: Aaaooooooooo.

Dispatcher: And take one more: 43– 19th Street battery victim. Fifteen-year-old was battered by an adult, refused medical treatment.

1042: Battered, then fried?

Dispatcher: Better than shaked and baked, I guess, huh?