Sunday, August 20, 2:20 PM

Dispatcher: I have two on Magnolia. One is at 46– on Magnolia, guy is drinkin’ on the sidewalk–how unusual that is up there–and at 46– we got a couple of companions drinking out on the public way. Let me know if you need anything further on those, if you could, sir.

2323: I’ll shag the whole block, how’s that?

Dispatcher: That’s good, that’s what we need.

Sunday, August 20, 3:30 PM

Dispatcher: Sir, start your day out up by Starbucks, 617 W. Diversey, see the manager up there about a regular shoplifter that’s always up there. See the manager up at Starbucks, that might be a good way to start the day.

2333: Ehhhh.

Dispatcher: If you like Starbucks.

Sunday, August 20, 3:45 PM

Dispatcher: I got some homeless people by the bus stop, they said they’re bein’ rowdy by the bus stop. Anybody nearby 41– N. Sheridan? They have to be rowdy somewhere else. 72, are you anywhere near that on the way into the station?

2372: We’re at Sheridan and Dakin right now, squad. Whatta you got?

Dispatcher: 41– Sheridan, some homeless people in that bus stop making a little too much noise. They’d like ’em to move to some other part of the city.

2372: Yeah, so?

Dispatcher: Well, if you could say hi to ’em and ask ’em could they move on, would that be an option at this point in time?

2372: For you, anything.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, very good.

Sunday, August 20, 3:50 PM

2372: Yeah, they’re leavin’.

Dispatcher: Very good. You have a great evening, thanks for your help.

Sunday, August 20, 3:52 PM

Dispatcher: 323?

2323: Double.

Dispatcher: Those homeless people are homeless but they’re not stupid. I sent a wagon up and they went to the other side of the street. Now the complainant is callin’. So they did move, but they didn’t move far enough. 41– on Sheridan, ask ’em to get another lease on another park bench, will ya?

Tuesday, August 22, 11:45 PM

Dispatcher: 2343? Supposed to be two male strippers on the street in front of 4– Melrose. The gentleman says that there’s two guys out there strippin’ and there’s no music to back ’em up.

2343: So we’re supposed to provide music?

Dispatcher: Ah yes–ta da da, ta da da da–

2343: I’ll do my best.

Dispatcher: I have faith in you, darlin’.

2343: Thank you.