Saturday, January 30, 2:15 PM

Dispatcher: 2547, you did say the dog’s in the yard, 43– Crystal, right?

2547: We found out where it’s supposed to be: it’s in 43– on Division. It went back in its yard and the factory worker said it’s there, but there’s no way I can get in to talk to the owner.

Dispatcher: ‘Cause I had Animal Control on their way to Crystal. Should I give ’em a disregard?

2547: Tell ’em I’m here if they can get the dog, ’cause there’s no way I can get in the yard to talk to the owner.

Dispatcher: So now it’s 43– on Division?

2547: That’s where the dog relocated himself.

2:20 PM

Dispatcher: 2524?

2524: 38– Wrightwood?

Dispatcher: Yep, that’s it.

2524: I’m not goin’ in there, ’cause there’s a gate and there’s a 200-pound rottweiler lookin’ at me. So tell ’em to come on out.

Dispatcher: All right, ten-four, we’ll try callin’ ’em.

Unidentified Caller: That’s the offender.

2:23 PM

2568-C: Can we get a description of the two offenders for the two puppies?

Dispatcher: Number one was wearing a blue-and-black hat with a five-point star and a blue-and-black jacket with a Dallas emblem on it; number two was light complected wearing–it said a blue-and-black Raiders jacket. Taken was 400 dollars U.S. and two four-week-old puppies, pit bulls.

2:25 PM

Dispatcher: 54, sir, could you check for a couple, uh, four rottweilers runnin’ around in the rear of 11– N. Laramie?

1554: OK.

Unidentified caller: He’s my idol.

Unidentified caller Number Two: Then you need help.