Saturday, February 27, 11:05 PM

Dispatcher: The ambulance was goin’ to pick up some guy was spittin’ out blood. Better them than us.

1146: Ten-four, squad.

Dispatcher: OK, units in 11, units in citywide, it’s a person with a gun, a person with a gun, 11– N. Ridgeway. J—- is your complainant, says a male black wearin’ a FUBU gray jacket, blue jeans, pulled a gun on her and he’s out in front of the building now. Anybody close?…11– N. Ridgeway, person with a gun…OK, who wants to respond? Anybody care?

1106-Adam: We’re gonna go head towards that man with a gun, but we’re comin’ from Kenneth and Lexington.

Dispatcher: OK, 1106-Adam’s respondin’ to that man with a gun. Civilian dress, guys.

Unidentified caller: Where was that?

Dispatcher: 11– N. Ridgeway, J—- your complainant. Here’s the description: it’s a male black wearin’ a FUBU gray jacket, blue jeans.

Unidentified caller: What’s FUBU?

Dispatcher: I think it’s somethin’ on the bottom of your shoe. But I’m not sure.

Saturday, February 27, 11:30 PM

Dispatcher: 33, good morning. When you get to rollin’, says a battery in progress at 30– S. Central Park in the alley, says people are fightin’ in the alley and they just broke out the complainant’s back-door window. Now I’m not sure if this is a battery in progress–they kicked the shit out of the door or broke a window.

1033: Ten-four. We’ll see if the door wants to sign a complaint.