Sunday, February 3, 12:20 PM

Dispatcher: 1456?

1456: Doin’ the hospital tour on this accident–gotta go up to Swedish, then to Masonic, then to Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital. Gonna take the better part of the day on this one.

Dispatcher: Swedish, Masonic, and what’s the other hospital?

1456: Saint E’s.

Unidentified Caller: You hit the trifecta, my friend.

1456: That’d be like winnin’ the lottery–I’d be gone.

Monday, February 4, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: Is anybody having problems hearing me on the zone?

Unidentified Caller #1: Perfect.

Unidentified Caller #2: Clear and melodic.

Unidentified Caller #3: Sounds purty.

Dispatcher: Thank you. Is this better?

Unidentified Caller #4: Back away from the mike a little.

Dispatcher: All right, am I too low or too loud? Let me know.

Unidentified Caller #5: You sound like you’re in a can.

Dispatcher: I am in a can. You didn’t know?

Tuesday, February 12, 2:00 PM

123: Does anybody have any information about a one-armed bandit wanted for a theft?

Unidentified Caller #1: That happened yesterday.

Dispatcher: 123 yeah, they said something about it happening yesterday, but nobody came up with any kind of information about it. Units stand by, 3750?

3750: Yesterday at about 1:30 in the afternoon at, right next to McDonald’s, what is that–220 S. State, and I believe the paper car was 122–it was a pickpocket incident and the offender was short, male, black, with one arm.

Dispatcher: Thanks. 123, you copy that?

123: Can you repeat that please?

Dispatcher: At about 1:30 PM at McDonald’s, 220 S. State, the man was a male black, he was short, he had one arm.

3750: 122 did the paper on that, squad, there was a complainant on that.

Dispatcher: And 122 did the paper on it.

Unidentified Caller #2: How’d we handcuff him?

Dispatcher: Oh, what would you do, his belt loop or something? I don’t know.

Unidentified Caller #3: Belt.

Dispatcher: Yeah, that’s what I thought.