Monday, April 26, 12:15 PM

1814: Occurrence code is 0810, can you give me a RD?

Dispatcher: That’s David-242-205. 242-205, event of 059-54.

1814: One more time, please?

Dispatcher: You want the whole schmoley again, or just the event?

1814: Everything. I don’t write as fast as you.

Dispatcher: OK, take David-242-205, 242-205, event of 059-54. Was that over the prescribed amount?

1814: Um, it’s a considerable amount, squad. We just don’t have any official appraisals yet.

Dispatcher: We got a domestic, 1– N. Des Plaines, complainant says she’s in a constant dispute with her boyfriend, wants out of their relationship. She’s afraid to go back there, boyfriend is waiting in the car. Complainant doesn’t want him to know that she called the police, requests an undercover car–if he sees a blue-and-white he’ll flee. Complainant will be waiting.

Unidentified Caller: That’s today on “Jerry Springer.”

Monday, April 26, 12:30 PM

Dispatcher: 1823, parker for your travels, 10– N. Laramie. Actually, make it a number one, see security regarding a parking violator.

1823: Middle of the projects and they have a parking violator!

Dispatcher: Yeah, can you imagine that?

Unidentified Caller: They forgot to tell you it’s on the 13th floor.