Wednesday, May 19, 12:50 PM

Dispatcher: See what you guys can do with this one–it’s coming over as a suspicious auto with occupants. What you have is a couple that are living in a blue van parked at 1400 Byron, 1400 W. Byron. Light blue van with a light blue stripe, been there since Saturday.

1923: Ten-four.

Unidentified caller: We’re livin’ in a van, down by the river.

Dispatcher: Yeah, but there’s no river, heh! You lived in many vans in your time.

Unidentified caller: First one was a Volkswagen van with a big peace sign on the side of it.

Dispatcher: Yeah, I believe it.

Thursday, May 27, 12:45 AM

1011: If you need a [static] on Avers [static], you can make it a 19-Boy, [static] clear.

Dispatcher: All right, 1011, you’re clear. Tommy, go in and get a radio.

1011: Eleven, [static] clear?

Dispatcher: No better.

1011: It’s not the radio, it’s just me.

Dispatcher: You got that much static comin’ out of ya?

1011: Bad hair day.

Thursday, May 27, 1:05 AM

Dispatcher: …Must have been from a different [district] zone.

Unidentified Caller: I think that’s when they only had eight.

Dispatcher: I don’t remember when they only had eight, so you must be quite a bit older than me.

Unidentified Caller Number two: I heard you worked for Samuel Morse.

Dispatcher: Who, me?

Unidentified Caller Number two: You. What was it like with Marconi?

Dispatcher: It was just fine, thank you.