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Friday, August 20, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: 1135, would you go to 47– West End? They’re hasslin’ the repo man. This has been an hour, there’s only one call, so I’m not sure if they’re still hasslin’ him or if they killed him yet.

1135: We’ll go see if he’s lying around there.

Dispatcher: Of if they tied him to his own tow truck or somethin’.

Saturday, August 21, 11:15 PM

Dispatcher: Be advised we’re getting a second call on Avers. They’re describing a male black, 44 years of age, white shirt, brown pants, bald. He has a knife, an ax, and a gun inside the house. Complainant’s hiding in the bushes outside. She’s on her cell.

1043: Well, we’re here now. Uh, no knife, no gun. Maybe an ax.

Dispatcher: Okeydokey, anybody headed over on Avers, no knife, no gun, slow it down. 1144, I need you at 9– N. Pulaski just to pull a report. 1106-Adam responded there, lady heard shots fired through her window.

1144: What, is 1106-Adam’s fingers broken?

Dispatcher: I don’t know. You can ask him. 1106-Adam?

1106-A: Yeah, go ahead.

Dispatcher: Add these to your log: 34– Lexington, you got nine male blacks near a white Chevy in the alley, and 44– W. Congress, 20 in front selling, no clothing descriptions.

1106-A:Might have to go into the station with these broken fingers.

Dispatcher: So much love on the zone.

Sunday, August 22, 1:00 AM

Dispatcher: 822, there’s a DUI driver in the drive-through at White Castle, 4372 S. Archer.

822: Ten-four.


735: Yeah, I feel lucky tonight. 20– W. 70th Street was the wrong address and we ran into an on-view domestic there. And we seen the car’s registered at 20– W. 70th Place and Mr. M does know where his car’s at and he’s gonna come get it.

Dispatcher: OK, so you’re clear?

735: For now.