Thursday, September 16, 11:00 PM

Dispatcher: Units in 11 and citywide, 7– N. Ridgeway, shots fired 7– N. Ridgeway, shots fired. Male black, black suit–he’s got the gun in his back pocket and he let three shots go. Anybody care to respond up there? Anybody at all? 7– N. Ridgeway, 7– N. Ridgeway.

1152: 1152, we’re not too far. What’s that description on Ridgeway?

Dispatcher: Male black with a black suit, he’s got the gun. All right now, units in 11 and citywide, 36– Troy, damage to the property in progress and a person with a gun. Anybody care to look at that?

Unidentified caller: What’s the address on Roosevelt?

Dispatcher: Roosevelt? No, Ridgeway. And the second one’s on Iowa, 36– Iowa. Anybody want to go to 36– Iowa? All right, on Iowa now, guys, it says the offender’s in a black Delta 88, a black Delta 88. OK, anybody want to respond up there? Anybody at all?

Unidentified caller: Squad, what’s that description on Iowa?

Dispatcher: Male black with a black suit.

Unidentified caller: That’s the description on Ridgeway.

Dispatcher: They’re probably twins.

Unidentified caller: Or he’s real fast.

Dispatcher: Or it can stretch real far.

Thursday, September 16, 11:15 PM

Dispatcher: 44-Sam-10?

44-S-10: Can you raise 44-Sam-11?

Dispatcher: 44-Sam-11?

44-S-11: We’re right by the bridge at Chicago and right around Kilbourn. We found the drugs, now we’re just lookin’ for the individual.

44-S-10: Could you use a canine?

44-S-11: There’s too many guys back here in this lot, and I don’t know how many guys are back there, and I don’t want to send the dogs in and maybe one of these guys gets attacked on accident.

44-S-10: Never happens by accident.