September 8, 1:45 PM, 3400 Block of North Racine

Assault. Police officer was directing traffic around sewer work. Man in car refused to stop. Officer jumped in front of car to prevent accident. Man pulled out something that officer assumed was gun and drove away. Police later found man working on porch in neighborhood. Weapon turned out to be box-cutting knife. Man was arrested.

September 10, 11:45 PM, 1600 Block of West Cornelia.

Endangerment. Nine-year-old girl brought mom’s sleeping pills to school and dropped two of them in teacher’s coffee cup. Other students saw girl and told on her. Police arrived. Girl said that classmate had told her that pills would make teacher sleep and then they could talk to friends during class. She was not charged.

September 11, 12:15 PM, 2100 Block of West 95th Street.

Assault. Man going to hamburger joint parked in lot of beauty-supply company. When man returned, employee of company was about to place Denver boot on car. Man got in car to drive off. Employee pulled him out of car and said he had to pay $105. Man paid money and went to police. Company refunded money.

September 19, 4:30 PM, 2800 Block of North Clark. Peeping Tom. Woman in bathroom of Borders bookstore noticed man looking over top of stall. Store employee briefly detained man, then released him. Employee told victim, “He’s always in here doing that.”