Sunday, October 10, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: OK 1121, disguise the car, put your hat on backwards, we got a selling narcotics, 8– N. Drake. Two male blacks on the street, no further.

1121: Ten-four.

Monday, October 11, 12:40 AM

Dispatcher: 2514?

2514: But we’re so busy!

Dispatcher: Commercial alarm, 2506 N. Laramie at G & H Food & Liquor.

2514: We’ll try to squeeze it in.

Monday, October 11, 1:40 PM

Dispatcher: 2053, I got a disturbance at the Lawrence boys’ home, 4833 Francisco. Fifteen-year-old is actin’ out.

Unidentified Caller: They better stop serving sugar at that place.

Monday, October 11, 1:50 PM

Dispatcher: 2472, disturbance with a mental at the Buckingham Pavilion nursing home, 2625 W. Touhy. Female white about five feet, 105, rotten front teeth, red hair, beige jacket, screaming and tearing up the kitchen throwing trays. Supposed to be visiting someone.

Tuesday, October 12, 11:10 PM

5494: Squad, I’m gonna have the tech guy check your mike. You’re comin’ in real loud, but you’re kinda garbled like you have a problem with your microphone or somethin’.

Dispatcher: I’ll see. Maybe I’ll move it back and see if it makes any difference, ten-four.

5494: Yeah, ten-four, that’s–I thought you may have a bad mike but that may be the problem.

Unidentified Caller: He’s not talkin’ now, though.

Dispatcher: Yeah, I wish I could. I’d be happy to sit here and not talk.

Unidentified Caller: Quit puttin’ your mouth around the damn thing, it’d probably be better.

Dispatcher: No, it doesn’t taste that good.